Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy Halloween!

We can't believe how fast the time is flying this year. We were so busy this month, and with Aaron out of town on business, we didn't have any time to get our house all Halloween-scary. We did manage to get the kids dressed up and take them to Aaron's office for some trick or treating, as well as BelleSquare, which by the way was crazy so we left about 15 minutes into it, and then we hit Factoria Mall on the way home - it was much more our pace.

Nolan, The Dragon, was just passing out kiss after kiss as long as you were feeding him some chocolates. It was so cute, I kept giving him little bites - I couldn't resist. Nolan also insisted on carrying his own pumpkin bucket, no matter how full it got. It was so cute to watch him walking in front of us, tilted to one side, and with every step he took her heard a 'bump' which was the pumpkin bucket hitting his leg - haha, it was too cute.

Elaina, the Princess, had so much fun, it seemed like we weren't walking fast enough while scouting out the candy. She wore her dress up shoes out for day, and by the time we got home she was so ready to take them off. I think she now realizes heals are hard to walk in. The price we pay, the price we pay.

I dressed up for a party the week before Halloween. I was....well, I think a scary purple winged death angel. Aaron didn't dress up this year. This was his only free pass. Back to dressing up next year. As usual, we let the kids have a few pieces of candy, and then their buckets magically disappeared. They never even asked for them the next day.

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